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Permanent Make-up on her Lips.

My vision is simple: to offer not only the best non-surgical beauty solutions available on the market, but also a customized combination of the most cutting-edge technical advances in anti-aging, skincare and beauty today. 


I specailize in lips. I offer LIP INJECTIONS and LIP BLUSHING. I have been trained and certified by top, world renown physicians and providers in multiple lip techniques and have taken bits and pieces from all of them to create my very own specialized lip technique known as the 

"K-LIP" technique.

I believe that lips should look as natural as possible, yet be noticable enough to give you the confindence you desire. 


I use my K-LIP technique to give you a couture lip that will be your own and will fit your individual personality. My vision for the lips is greater than your average cookie cutter lip. There is an art to creating the perfect pout and I have spent many years perfecting my technique to give you the lips you have always dreamed of. 


Other services includes skin perfecting, cosmetic injectables, sculpting, and shaping protocols, tightening techniques, laser hair removal, and liquid face lifts, not to mention a wide range of other cosmetic laser and facial services.

My approach is Complexion Couture; a uniquely curated range of services and protocols (on each visit) that are designed to work in tandem to produce the best results for your specific skincare concerns. I'm always ready to answer all of your skincare questions, analyze your condition and help decide what’s best for you in the realm of beauty.  Skincare is my passion.  I"m a "derm girl" at heart. 


The GLAMskin RN can truly transform your skin and help you to achieve a more youthful appearance for the long term, with results seen in just one visit! The GLAMskin RN's renowned techniques and specialty needles can subtly sculpt and lift, taking years off your face while achieving a natural, fresh, well-rested look with dermal fillers such as Restylane®, Juvederm®,Versa®, Radiesse®, Sculptra® or Belotero Balance® and neuromodulators such as Botox®, Dysport®, and Xeomin®.

I love making women feel beautiful & con


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For every unwanted blemish, dull skin, or for just an anti-aging skincare regimen, I have a solution. 



Even out skin tone, remove discoloration,  remove skin tags, tighten skin, laser resurfacing, collagen induction therapy, and stretch mark reduction.


Dermal fillers are used to volumize, reshape, sculpt, and to reduce the signs of aging by smoothing out fine lines.



For natural and long-lasting results. Offering lip blushing and advanced lip blushing techniques for darker lips. 


Worry lines, crow’s feet, frown lines and neck bands are no challenge to injections.




For every unwanted hair, light or dark, we have a solution.  



Customized treatments for men who like to go the extra mile to take care of their skin.


Years of Experience


Satisfied  Clients


Master Certifications

The face behind

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Krista Stoll, RN,BSN,CANS

Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist 

Master Nurse Injector


Specializing in:

Medical Grade Skincare,

Cosmetic Injectables, Lasers,

Female and Male Anti-Aging, Vaginal Rejuvenation,

and Overall Health & Well-Being

Krista is a registered nurse who is certified by the Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board as an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist with an extensive background in medical aesthetics with a focus in cosmetic injectables, cosmetic dermatology and facial plastic surgery. She has been mentored by the leading experts in the field of medical aesthetics and specializes in the cosmetic improvement of the lips using many different dermal filler injections as well as permanaent cosmetic lip blushing. Krista has had the opportunity to travel from coast to coast training physicians and other medical professionals on advanced cosmetic lasers and skin care injectables, and keeps up on the most cutting-edge technology and techniques used in cosmetic medicine. Krista obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at Maryville University, Saint Louis.  Additionally, Krista is a licensed Cosmetologist.

Krista feels that confidence and improving the way people feel about themselves is very important and helps one achieve a greater sense of well-being and overall health. Her motto is "true beauty starts within" then "outward beauty can be enhanced". "We are what we eat, and how we act first and foremost". 


Although Krista works everyday enhancing ones outer beauty and helping to improve ones self-image, she feels its very important to teach our young girls and boys alike to accept themselves the way they are, and that they are beautiful inside and out.  With the world we live in today and the internet, its very easy for young children and adults to perceive their self-image in a negative way.  There is a false sense of what is real and what one should look like to be beautiful.  Beauty comes in all shapes, forms, sizes, colors, and genders. Remember you are beautifully unique. Be KIND, Share LOVE  and !  You are BEAUTIFUL, You are SPECIAL, You are LOVED.

Krista holds bullying near and dear to her heart, and is in the early stages of starting a non-profit organization that supports young girls and boys alike in dealing with today's pressures of accepting oneself, blurred self-image, and bullying.    


In her spare time, she is always striving to be the best she can be, traveling to learn the latest and greatest in anti-aging technology and techniques.  Outside of her career, Krista loves being a mommy to her nine-year-old son Brekken Bradford and 9 month old daughter Belia Brielle.



"I was hesitant to to have anything injected into my face! After seeing Krista I decided to do botox. I was extremely happy with the results. I just recently had my lips injected for the first time. And I'm hooked. she did an amazing job. Nobody else is touching my face😁 Thank you Krista!"

Andie L. 

"I am so so happy with the work done by Krista. She does incredible work. On my first visit with her she suggested I try Botox on my forehead and between my brows. I was blown away with the results and how it completely brightened up my complexion. This past weekend I trusted Krista to inject my lips with filler and she did a beautiful job. They look gorgeous. This woman is incredibly talented and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone looking to enhance there natural beauty!"

"Krista is a absolute artist-I never did Botox or fillers...scared-After talking with Krista-I went for it and I’m so glad I did-she totally has the eye of perfection-I’m so please with my results-matter of fact I want more...I cant say enough about her...truly a artist-walks you through every thing she does."

Lisa R.

Julie C.



 Location & Business Hours

GLAMSkin Aesthetics and PMU

12990 Manchester Road Ste. 101

Des Peres, MO 63131

Email: \\ Tel: 314-295-8910

Hours: Tuesday - Friday  \\ 10AM – 4 PM

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